Secure File Sharing

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Secure File Sharing

Today’s professionals and enterprises continuously create, consume and share information. Presentations, spreadsheets, documents, and graphics are just some of examples of the types of files enterprises will need to share, access, and control during the course of their business activities. Many of these files are saved on personal computers, desktops, and laptops, while some are stored on business file servers. But wherever those documents are stored, users must be able to get them in the office, at home, or through travel. Several organizations embrace a ‘bring your own device (BYOD) policy, enabling employees to access, share and control corporate data with their private devices, including notebookstablets, and tablet computers.

iDeals Virtual Data Room
IDeals Virtual Data Room is a powerful data sharing solution used by more than 4,000 companies worldwide, including many Fortune 1000 companies since 2008. This success relies on a continuous innovation strategy, including constant R&D efforts, powerful cloud infrastructure, and instantly available client services. With iDeals’ advanced file sharing technology and shatterproof security, dealmakers globally can comply with due diligence requirements. Allowing users to access and work with data using all kinds of devices requires that files are securely “synchronized” between these devices. In addition, given the collaborative nature of data-centric activities, files have to be available for access by consumers outside the enterprise — by partners, stockholders, suppliers or customers. Just like with any data, file sharing must be controlled.

When business users will need to quickly share files or documents, they frequently turn into consumer file sharing platforms which do not meet corporate security and compliance mandates.

Today’s business users need simple, easy way to secure file sharing within their company environment that permits them to get their files effortlessly on all devices, and collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners even beyond the corporate firewall.

There are several ways that consumers typically choose for daily file sharing, such as email, FTP or file sharing sites. Utilizing email to share files provides no control over which material is delivered, how it is obtained, and the number of copies are being sent or forwarded. Conventional FTP systems also heighten risk of information security breaches since users share passwords in an uncontrolled manner; the material itself can be rendered on FTP servers for any period of time, sometimes for ages.

Consumer-grade file sync and discuss solutions, such as Dropbox, are suitable options for many users and generally work as intended. However, recent security breaches at these file-sharing services contribute to confidentiality breaches or an inability to find data when needed. Such insecure file-sharing services lack tools for monitoring, tracking, audit trails, or other significant file-sharing capabilities.

The corporate it’s concerned with the lack of control over confidential information, as well as the security and compliance threat that insecure document sharing gifts. In other words, uncontrolled file sharing is ineffective, overly costly, too risky, and places enterprises at a significant danger of not fulfilling their legal, regulatory, and best practice obligations.

Secure Cloud Share & File Sync Option

The digital data room provides an enterprise-grade option to email, FTP and user file sharing solutions, by creating an end-to-end protected cloud infrastructure that is completely under corporate control.

The digital data room accounts the demand for simplicity to the end user, and also the safety, management, and flexibility needed by the enterprise, and more specifically, the IT which demands the capacity to control and manage file sharing activities to safeguard the critical information and data assets of their organization.

The digital data room cuts the dependence of businesses on FTP servers and potentially insecure email attachments for sharing enterprise data providing end users identical file-sharing flexibility together with uncompromised safety and control of accessibility. Enterprise file sharing enables users to upload and share documents, photographs, videos, and documents using a variety of devices, like smartphones, tablet computers, and PCs.

The digital data room option enables enterprises and service providers to prepare file share and sync services for their customers, creating entire workforce independence so your team can operate from any location and any device. Secure access to documents from the digital data room whenever desired improves productivity and collaboration between groups. Among benefits of protected file sharing via a virtual data room are:

FTP alternative for big file transfer Secure file access for BYOD users Synchronization across devices Synchronization across sites and offices Shared team workspaces Easy to learn, simple to use
Central Management

The digital data room supplies a thorough central management dashboard which enables virtual data room administrators to provision, manage, track and support individual service users.

Total Control over Content

The digital data room empowers to keep full control over confidential information and evolves into a large scale enterprise content management platform that will allow secure collaboration with outside partners, experts, and stakeholders. User group permissions can also be leveraged to determine user privileges for setting up shared project folders. The accessibility to shared documents is strictly controlled as the administrator manages and revokes permissions to start, view, download, print, copy-paste, forward or otherwise manipulate files. Digital Rights Management policies are all automatically and uniformly implemented across all customers.

Multiple Folder Synchronization

With folder, user files are automatically synchronized between their PC or laptop and their data space folder, keeping files reachable and preserving version control. The good virtual data room supports multi-folder sync, whereby any folder may be chosen for synchronization using a VDR.

Project Team Collaboration

The virtual data room file sync & share option allows users to set up workspaces in the form of virtual data space folders for collaborating with colleagues, including the following attributes:

Define data access rights and place time-limited access
Bi-directional synchronization of connections in their devices with every other
One-way synchronization for file syndication
One-time sharing using time-limited invitation URLs
Role-based privileges for allowing users to make shared job folders
Reduce Risk and Maximize Compliance

Security for data protection on devices, in transit, and at rest. It includes two-step authentication, remote data wipedata encryption, data encryption, digital rights management (DRM), document security, and access monitoring. More sophisticated virtual data rooms enable DRM encryption is available to protect Microsoft Office and PDF files, also to enforce control over download, copy, display printing or capture. A protected perspective of documents in browsers also is supported. Access to shared files can be revoked and eliminated; in addition, the document can be “unshared” or made inaccessible to revoke all accesses.

Multi-Platform File Sharing

The virtual data room sync & discuss includes software agents for Windows and Mac, as well as mobile programs for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. The mobile programs include remote wipe performance to allow for deletion of compacted information in the event of a stolen or lost mobile device.

Secure Interface

Whether you are using our mobile program, the digital data room ensures that your file sharing tasks will be 100% bonded without needing Java add-ons to manage large file transfers. All document exchanges are logged together with action and IP addresses.

Granular Auditing

The digital data room allows administrators to log all file access and sync events for auditing purposes, providing full transparency and control over how and whom information is shared. This is vital for regulatory compliance and safety purposes. Thorough and reliable audit logs ensure that your business is always audit-ready while working inside stringent compliance regulations.

Today business users require access to their documents at the workplace, at home or on the street. Using many different devices to access corporate documents — laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets — is rapidly becoming the standard. The collaborative nature of company tasks in many businesses requires users to share files securely yet easily. Secure file synchronization and sharing make the digital data space an integral requirement for most corporations.

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